20 Jul


Bicycles are a perfect invention. I know I’m not the first to realize this, but… it is the smartest and best way to travel.

It runs purely on human energy, no fuel required. And yet it still obtains speeds that dramatically surpass our abilities on foot. With almost no effort, I can bike 3 times as fast as I can walk. With a little effort and help from physics, I can bike 5 times faster than I can run. And yet, I exert less energy.

It’s a miraculous invention, really, and we would all be better off if cities and suburbs were built with bicycles in mind, instead of cars. The people of Copenhagen are doing just this, and it works perfectly.

Oh red bike of mine, I will miss you tremendously. You’ve served me well. And since I don’t foresee biking in the mean traffic of NYC, I will treasure our time together forever.


Today was the last day of school, and closing ceremony. I gave a speech (in both languages!), said goodbye, got flowers, ovations, etc etc. It’s possible that I’m projecting my feelings about leaving onto my bike. If so, I’m OK with that.


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