Young rice, and reflections

4 Jul

Isn’t it beautiful? In addition to wanting to cheer the young plants on – grow, grow! – I just like the annual ritual of seeing them sprout up.

Japan, or at least Fukuoka, is a place where the planting of rice still makes the nightly news. The other day, I stopped for several minutes to watch a neighboring farmer maneuver his transplanter around a small rice plot, dropping row after row of spiky bundles into the muddy earth. I thought it was newsworthy, too.

We’ve had torrential thunderstorms and flooding over the past few days. The streams and rivers nearby became choppy with waves. At times, the rice crops disappeared under sudden lakes, and I wondered how they’d hold up. Can rice ever get too much water?


One Response to “Young rice, and reflections”

  1. Sunny July 5, 2012 at 3:21 am #

    it’s been so great to read your blog about life in Japan (and other countries in Asia). Made me understand those countries and cultures a lot more. Thanks!

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