Korea in my Seoul!

1 Jul

Annyang! I went to Korea last weekend. Here is a picture post of that trip, highlighting some of the interesting or funnier sights we saw.

Pretty palace roof, far more elaborately decorated than anything in Japan:

Guards outside the palace gates, at varying levels of attentiveness. We saw a changing of the guard happen a couple of times; it’s always startling when the guards change from living statues totally impassive to the harassing antics of tourists, into kinda scary soldiers.

Very authentic dinner at Pizzeria Uno (mmmmmmmm I miss american pizza so much!!):

Couple wear!! (or “pair look” in Japan, according to my coteacher) This cracked me up, and totally baffles me. It is apparently a very common thing in many Asian countries, but I’d never encountered it before Seoul.

Awesome water monument to one of the greatest naval leaders in Korean history, who is mainly famous for beating up some Japanese folks. Anyone in Korea who did anything bad to the Japanese is an instant hero. They really, really don’t like us there. Literally every museum brochure highlights some terrible thing the Japanese did, like tear down a historical building, imprison and torture Korean citizens, build something in an offensive place, invade, attack, etc etc. I’m not saying the hatred isn’t justified; I’m just saying it was a little scary.

Lastly, I really enjoyed this statue of the Chinese Zodiac outside the Folk museum; I think that’s the rat in front, with my ox on the left and the pig on the right:


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