One cool thing about teaching

8 Jun

One thing I love about teaching is that you get to explore and use every aspect of your personality. There are so many, dramatically different personalities in a classroom, and it’s your job to connect with every one of them. So with some students you draw on your sweet, loving side; with others you can indulge in your weird side, or your silly side; and other times you pull out your controlling side or your chill side.

And not only do you get to use all of those aspects of yourself on a daily basis – you have to use them, in order to reach the students. It’s pretty cool.

The convenient thing about this is that the students will feed you the energy to do it. No matter how tired you feel, or how tired they are, once you get in front of them it ceases to matter. Some weird scientific principle comes into play, where the students funnel all this energy towards you. I used to wonder how elementary teachers could teach all day long, but now I see it. They receive this practically-tangible energy from their students. And that makes it possible.

It’s pretty amazing!

So here, have a picture of sakura:

(I didn’t post any pics this year because I really didn’t get any good ones, sadly! But I like this shot of some blossoms near my house.)


2 Responses to “One cool thing about teaching”

  1. Bill June 8, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    Beautiful description of teaching. Thanks!

  2. tanya June 13, 2012 at 5:11 am #

    love this post, but sadly today it happened in the reverse for me – everyone is so tired from sports day still, the whole class was like a slow funeral march towards the bell. ugh.

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