Stuff wot I made

6 Jun

In this entry, I’ll share a bunch of things that I’ve made recently! Including some of my ikebana arrangements. (I’ve been taking lessons for the past few months)

First, this little purse I knitted for a friend (the one pictured in the last entry). I bought the little flowers, but otherwise put the whole thing together myself:

It was pretty simple, and you can see the pattern here.

Next, my spring bulletin board. I’m pretty proud of this one! The flowers on the bottom right are for students to write on. They’re supposed to unscramble the word on the leaf, and then write it on that flower.

I put it up a month ago, and they’ve now completed the whole thing!

And finally, here are a bunch of my ikebana flower arrangements!

Oh and last lastly! How could I forget?

Hee! I had fun making that. I found the logo (with eyes) online*, and put the rest of it together.

That’s all for now!


*through Google image search, of course!


One Response to “Stuff wot I made”

  1. Bethany June 8, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    I think you have a really sharp eye for design, and I think it’s cool that you can exercise it in your work and in your hobbies. As always, I love your board!! 😀

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