10 Nov

Haha, check me out:


I wore that to work yesterday. I can’t imagine wearing something like that in the States. I still remember that episode of “Sex and the City,” where Carrie Bradshaw insists that the woman in front of her, who has a scrunchie in her hair, can’t possibly be a New Yorker. (of course she was right) I remember realizing, with surprise, how true it was – that I hadn’t seen a scrunchie on anyone since maybe middle school.

But here in Japan – or maybe just here in semi-rural Yame – scrunchies are all the rage. Women’s fashion seems to follow just one guideline: the frillier, the better. Shirts have flower prints, everyone wears skirts, sweaters have bows and lace trim, and of course, there are scrunchies everywhere. And not just scrunchies – other flowery hairpieces like headbands with giant roses are all over the place.

And if you can’t fit enough lace, ruffles, or shiny things on your body, you can always add them to your purse, your shoes, or even your cell phone.

It’s just a very different look, and I’m realizing that all the clothes I buy here will be wasted once I return home, because no one in NYC would be caught dead wearing them.

(Note: this is not to say that the women look bad. They look fantastic. But in Japan there is no sense of “trying too hard” with your fashion, whereas in NYC that’s the worst crime.)


2 Responses to “Scrunchies!”

  1. Sunny November 11, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    What you say is so true about the difference between Japan and New York – esp. about NY being too cool to look like you’re trying. But as the French say, vive la difference! Please take some more pics of fashion in Japan. What a fascinating subject. And btw, the scrunchy looks great on you.

    • tarasensei November 11, 2011 at 5:45 am #

      I always want to take pics of the ladies – sometimes for inspiration, sometimes because their outfits are just so exaggerated – but it’s so hard to do without being rude!!

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