Yame has things to do!

5 Nov

Really, it does! I swear! This weekend Yame, the township that surrounds Chikugo (and includes Kurogi, where I teach) had a crafts festival. In the “old quarter,” many traditional stores in 100+ year old houses opened their doors to display and share their craftwork. I learned about scads of fun stores I never knew existed.

At a bakery, I got the chance to make my own red bean dessert:

That’s the finished product; one shaped by the professional, one by me (mostly…). Can you tell which is which?

That was my favorite stop in the festival; it was fun to shape my own anko dessert. Also, the little girl sort of lurking between us was totally boss – she kept popping out from nowhere with questions in her classroom English, like “where come from?” and “what’s your name? My name is gfajlga.” (it was really long and fast) Whereas most adults are crazy hesitant to whip out their English.

I also went to this lovely little pottery store, where we were able to make our own mugs. (known in Japanese as “MyCup”) Here’s the store, and me with the model and my cup mid-shaping; luckily the store owners will paint it for me and I’ll pick it up in two weeks!


One Response to “Yame has things to do!”

  1. Sunny November 9, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    sounds like it was a lot of fun.

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