Happy autumn!

23 Sep

Today is the first day of autumn, and a national holiday in Japan. It’s my favorite season.

I stumbled upon something I wrote last October, and thought I’d share it with y’all. Hope you enjoy!

Welcoming the fall

Autumn is the subtlest season. It is so elusive it has two names, both of which are intriguingly apt. The word “autumn” is beautiful, soft, and fleeting on the lips. It disappears as quickly as the foliage and warmth do. It is such a gentle word you barely feel it in your mouth.

Then you have “fall,” a name stunning in its simplicity and accuracy. It’s a common English word that describes the leafy stars of the season. It’s also a melancholic word, with connotations of nightmares and sin. Fall is, after all, the herald of winter, and both of its names capture the fear and desperation we used to feel at winter’s approach.

So it’s an evocative season. Both in its names, but also in the emotions it provokes. It makes you think about the approaching winter; it makes you revel in shedding the oppressive heat of summer. It evokes a door being opened; you want to open your home and your arms to welcome the coolness and cling to the warmth. In the States, it also opens on a new school year and the start of many business calendars. As far as I’m concerned, the fall is one of the most important times of year, and deserves celebration.

Open your doors and windows to the fall. Let in the crisp, filling air. Clear out your home and scrub it up and down to match the freshness of the weather. Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate the arrival of fall:

  • Eat something pumpkin-flavored
  • Go leaf-peeping
  • Take a long walk in the woods
  • Watch the deep, richly colored sunsets of fall
  • Take a long walk through bustling streets at dusk
  • Keep the windows and doors wide open all day to catch pleasant draughts
  • Put out daisies and chrysanthemums
  • Watch a sad or slow-moving movie
  • Pull out and wash all your sweaters, jackets and cool-weather clothes, and start wearing them
  • Plan a Halloween party
  • Cook soup
  • Do a thorough fall cleaning
  • Start over. Fall is the beginning of the year for schools and many businesses; now is the time to make a fresh start

3 Responses to “Happy autumn!”

  1. Bill September 23, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Very proud of you!

  2. tanya October 11, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    tara i forgot to tell you i loved reading what you wrote about autumn – the word ”evocative” has been popping up in my head all season, i totally agree

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