Oh, Fukuoka

2 Aug

I just returned from my two-week trip home (NYC) last night, and

  1. It’s hot. Wtf, Fukuoka?? How is it 25 degrees in Tokyo, and 30 here??
  2. Chikugo (my town) is so quiet. I had completely forgotten how little noise there is. It’s lovely.
  3. The rice in the fields has really grown tall since I left. They’re so green and lush now; they look like a soft, grassy hill I could roll around in, or a thick carpet to sink into.
  4. I think I experienced dual culture-shock. My first day in NY I had to walk around with my eyes on the ground, because all of the activity and movement and lights were too much for me. Upon returning, I am, as I said, startled by the silence and the huge sky. I’ve got to make the switch to looking at the right side of the car again, when nodding to drivers, too!

It was nice to be home with my family, and it’s nice to be back in Japan, too. I feel lucky to be in that situation, even though it makes every parting emotional.

I’ll try to put up some pics/ a report of my time in the city, and of my side-trip to Pittsburgh, too.


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