Sports Day

20 May

The Sports Festival is usually the biggest event of the school year. The students compete in relay races and sports matches, and also perform folk dances and marches. Our Sports Day is this Sunday.

The students have been practicing since the beginning of April.

It’s nuts. Jaw-dropping, but nuts. For the past two weeks, all afternoon classes have been cancelled in preparation. The students practice mostly outside for hours on end – and it’s hot, for pete’s sake. But there they are, doing endless repetitions of dances and other routines under the blazing sun.

I didn’t want to post pictures, but some of the things they’ve been doing:

– class jump rope: two boys hold an enormous jump rope between them, and their entire 35+ student class all jump rope in unison. It’s HARD. The best classes have jumped over 100 times in a row.

– choreographed dancing: the girls are doing a very peppy dance to pop music, with pom-poms and the Wave and other silly, cute things.

– traditional dance: the boys, meanwhile, are doing a very masculine, shirtless, barefoot Phys Ed routine with lots of naziesque marching, strong posing and running.

– folk dances: I haven’t seen these yet, but I’m told there will also be traditional folk dances, which I assume are not the things I described above, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know how the students keep it up. Temperatures have been in the high 70s/80s for the past two weeks.

I do know that watching them makes me want to get in shape.


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