20 May

Ohmigoodness. Beautiful, beautiful Miyazaki. I wish I had better photos for you all – the drive down was maybe the best part, with spectacular views of endless rolling green mountains and glittering sea. Then again, a photo could never capture its beauty. For realz.

Miyazaki is a prefecture (a State) further south on Kyushu, on the Pacific coast. Its entire population numbers a little over 1 million, even though it’s much larger than Fukuoka (population 5+ million). It’s a very rural and beautiful place.

Here are some photos of an enormous gorge we visited and hiked in, and some of a strange beach where we camped. I have to say, I know that every country has its own natural beauty, but sometimes I think Japan takes the cake.


One Response to “Miyazaki”

  1. Bethany May 24, 2011 at 4:20 am #

    Wow, this is ridiculously gorgeous. I’m glad you decided to go!

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