Follow up

11 Mar

This is a follow-up post on two items I’ve mentioned before. First, remember what I was saying about Japanese names, and how there’s not that much variation in them?  Well, a student just turned in the below worksheet, listing the names of the girls sitting next to her in class. It totally cracked me up:

It’s a little hard to see, but the first 5 names on the list are: Yuki, Yukino, Yukako, Yuri, and Yui. Hee.

A comic genius student in the same class turned in the following worksheet, btw (check out his name at the top right):

As for the second follow-up item, remember my town’s giant tree? I just learned that it is a Japanese National Treasure. It’s 600 years old, and is a Giant Wisteria tree. (thanks, Fukuoka JET site!) So, tiny Kurogi does have a valid claim to fame, after all!


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