Spring has sprung!

27 Feb

Spring has arrived here in Fukuoka! We’ve had really warm days all week, maybe in the 50s; Saturday was crazy warm, and I sunbathed in the park. The whole world feels like it’s coming back to life. The fields are starting to green, flowers are blossoming everywhere, and everyone’s in a good mood. As much as I appreciated the cold weather-respite from bugs, winter is beginning to seem like a bad, half-forgotten dream.

Right now it’s ume no hana (plum blossom) season.They are tiny, redolent little flowers in white or pink, and they surprise you around every corner. I stopped by a shrine yesterday that had the loveliest plum trees:

Because of the warmth, and the longer daylight hours, I like to go for long bike rides after work. It’s a great way to see more of the town and the surrounding areas. Here’s a pic of me and my bike’s long shadow on a rice field near dusk. (remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge)

On these bike rides I usually catch the sunsets, and for some reason, warm weather in Chikugo makes incredibly beautiful sunsets happen every night. I’ll try to catch some photos and post them soon! Until then, happy spring!!


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