Ground golf!

27 Feb

The other JETs in my building and I have started taking a weekly Japanese class at our community center. Our teachers invited us to participate in a “ground golf” tournament, which turned out to be the really cute sport the old people in town play every morning, kind of like petanque.

Bright and early Saturday morning we biked to a park we’d never been to, about 20 minutes from our building. It was a perfect day, warm and sunny with a cool breeze. There were maybe 60 or so old Japanese folks there, and we were assigned groups of 4 and sent off to play the entire course. Here’s a shot of the ground golf course:

Here’s a shot of my very serious team watching the ball: (click to enlarge)

And a pic of me getting ready to take a shot:

It was a lot of fun playing! It’s basically a bare-bones set up for mini-golf, and was very easy (to play, not to win). Although it wasn’t the international mingling event that our teachers had hoped for, I did get to practice a little Japanese and exchange smiles with some very sweet obachans (grandmothers/older women). Most of them kicked my butt, though… I’m kind of hoping for a rematch!


2 Responses to “Ground golf!”

  1. Sunny February 27, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Sounds like a great time! It was just a short time ago that everything was covered with snow, right?

    • tarasensei March 5, 2011 at 8:45 am #

      Yes, it was a really abrupt change! Unfortunately, this past week sent us back into cold temperatures (maybe hovering around 5 celsius, so like 40s, maybe?), but I think it’s warming up a teensy bit again.

      About the snow, it tends to melt the same day it falls, so there was rarely ever snow on the ground! Our heaviest day of snow came on a weekday morning, and it took my bus 3.5 hours to complete its route (instead of 50 minutes) because of the snow and slow driving. But by midday, all the snow was gone!!

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