It’s snowing! Redux

15 Jan

It’s snowing again; this time in Chikugo. My school, as you know, is in the mountains — so they get lots of snow and the coldest temperatures in the prefecture. But Chikugo is generally pretty mild, and they get almost no snow most years.

Except this year, of course. This winter has so far been the coldest on record. (just like the summer was the hottest on record! Thanks, climate change) Over Christmas, our town looked like this:

And now, it is snowing like an Alaskan blizzard. I’m not very good at taking pictures of falling snow, but here are a couple of shots. You can see that some snow is already sticking; it’s only been snowing for about 20 minutes!

(Click photos to enlarge)

Seriously, though. What the hell, Kyushu?? You’re supposed to be the warmest main island in Japan! You don’t insulate or heat your houses because you’re not concerned about the cold! You have palm trees!! I don’t understand.

At least the snow is pretty!


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