6 Jan

There is a huge repetition of names in Japan, or at least in my school. Is this the case in most countries? I guess the US, made of immigrants, has a larger variety. But it’s so strange to see the same names over and over again. For example, I have one class with 21 students. Here are the names repeated:

– 2 people with the last name Tanaka

– 2 girls with first name Yuka

– 2 girls with first name Saki

That’s 6 names repeated in one class! Almost 1 out of 3! And I seem to have an “Ooishi,” “Nakamura,” and “Inoue” in every class. In another class, I only know about 10 out of 40 kids’ names. Two of those 10 are named Nakao, two are named Nakano, and one has the same name as the teacher, Sakai (all surnames). Two more have the same names as two other teachers (Hirashima, Inoue).

You would think that this would make it easier to learn all the kids’ names. Sadly, it doesn’t. :-/


2 Responses to “Names”

  1. Evelyn Hannon January 7, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Your blog has been chosen as our Juicy Blog of the Week at’s homepage read by over one million women travellers each year. Please send us your email address to: editor(at)journeywoman(dot)com and we’ll send you your award graphic. Congratulations!
    Evelyn Hannon, editor

    • tarasensei January 8, 2011 at 9:29 am #

      Thank you so much! That is such an honor. I’ll make a post all about it (and Journey Woman). 😀

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