I’m back!

3 Jan

I am back! In Japan, at home, wrapped up in a Snuggie and fuzzy LL Bean slippers, both gifts from my parents. Mmmm.

When I arrived home last night at midnight, I found my power had been turned off. 😦 I had to stumble around in the freezing cold darkness to change into pajamas, and throw a quilt, blanket and futon on top of my bed. I slept in pajamas, a fleece, the Snuggie, and earmuffs. It was cold!

Today I sifted through the large stack of bills on my desk and called the one I had the most envelopes for– I can’t actually read any of them. Luckily it was, indeed, the electricity company. They managed to find the one person at the call center who spoke English to help me, and after running to the nearby convenience store to pay my bill, they sent someone over to turn the power back on. Whew.

I haven’t looked in my fridge yet; too scared.

It was wonderful to be home and see my family and friends and New York City, but I am happy to be back!!


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