Japanese TV

10 Oct

OK…OK…. I just had to share. I tried to take a video of it, but turning a webcam on a television doesn’t work so well.

I just switched on the TV to see a reenactment of some samurai battle. Samurai warriors in full armor battling it out with long swords. And then…ninjas attacked! Jumping into the battle to help either side. And then… dinosaurs! A big raptor and then a slightly-larger T-rex leapt into the fray, roaring loudly and terrifying both sides. After scaring off all the peons, they stood aside to let the two leaders from either side duke it out.

“Omoshiroi,” the leader in black said to the leader in white, as he finally held his sword to his neck. (Omoshiroi = “interesting”)

Omoshiroi indeed.


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