22 Sep

I realized the other day that I hadn’t told you all about the bugs.


I wouldn’t call our building (jutaku) infested, but it is certainly overrun with insects. Let’s run down the list.

Spiders: The spiders come first because they own the place. The own the whole town, really. Every tree, bush, bonsai garden, whatever, is a spider colony. In our jutaku, there are spiderwebs in every corner and sometimes right across the stairs. Spiders dangle from the ceiling and from the bottom of each step. I usually walk up the stairs with my arms over my head.

The spiders get inside, too, but usually only the small ones. I let them be in the hopes that they’ll eat grosser things. Right now, unfortunately, I have a spider the size of a tarantula inhabiting my shower room. I have not been in there in three days. Yeah, that’s right. I smell.

Cockroaches: Euurggh. I shiver just thinking about them. They are enormous, black, winged, and luckily we don’t see them too often. They are slow and easy to kill with a can of roach spray. Easy, but not pleasant.

“Little” cockroaches: These reddish-brown bits of disgustingness look like oversized NYC-style roaches. The roach spray doesn’t always kill them; I had a two-day battle with one a few days ago that involved roach spray, trapping him under Tupperware for a day (he still didn’t die!), trying to pick him up, dropping him and trapping him again, chopping off one of his legs, and finally dumping him over my balcony. Eeeuuurrgghhh.

Creepy-crawlers: Aside from bugs there are other creatures that hang around our jutaku, occasionally finding their way in. There are (rather cute) miniature frogs about the size of a large marble. Then we have the geckos, or lizards or whatever they are. We see them around town all the time; I have had two in my water closet, as I related earlier.

Cicadas: I’ve talked about how loud they are, right? Maybe I haven’t. The cicadas are as ever-present as the spiders, except you don’t usually see them. They chirp at all hours of the day, and they are LOOOUUUDD. I like the sound, luckily. But they are just…here, have a video! I made this a while ago. Please ignore the bra at the end.

These are just the things I’ve seen. I don’t really want to talk about the ones I’ve heard of but haven’t appeared yet. 😦


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