These kids crack me up.

26 Aug

At the end of my self-introduction lesson, we invite the students to ask me questions. Here are some of the real gems I was asked today:

–          How many boyfriends do you have?

–          Who is the best boy in the class? (asked by two girls—of course I turned the question on them and they got really embarrassed!)

–          Do you like ME? (asked in unison by 3 boys who pointed at themselves exaggeratedly with their thumbs)

–          Who is your favorite character from Hana Yori Dango? Who is the best-looking?

–          What is your favorite fruit?

–          Do you like toilets?

My co-teacher and I burst out laughing several times today in class. These kids’ll drive you nuts, but jeez are they a good time.

On a different note, I was invited to join a 6th grade class—that’s 18 year olds—today, that I hope I will be able to continue assisting. They were a terrific, smart, remarkably fluent bunch of kids. They didn’t talk so much but it was clear that their comprehension was at a really high level. And unlike the junior high schoolers, they asked me intelligent questions. Like, why did you come to Japan? And, have you seen any Broadway shows? What countries would you like to visit? And so on.

I’ve really enjoyed my interactions with the senior high schoolers so far, so even though I will be mainly teaching the silly silly junior high schoolers, I hope I will be able to get to know all of them better.


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