Silly kids

23 Aug

Oh my goodness are the students here silly. They giggle at absolutely everything. If I pass by a group of kids in the hallway, and one of them calls out a “how are you?” they will fall all over each other laughing.

We used a projector in class today, and when I finished my presentation the projector went to sleep. It flashed a 5-minute countdown before shutting off, and the kids were in awe of the seconds counting down. They pointed and giggled. Then, when my co-teacher walked in front of the projector and the countdown appeared on his shirt, they of course died of laughter. Because what’s funnier than that, right???

They bounce up and down in their seats. They talk in weird voices. They fight with brooms during cleaning time. (OK, the broom-fighting, and subsequent limbo game, was awesome).

They are the giggliest, silliest bunch of people I have ever seen in my life. And they are adorable.

Also, they’re minuscule.


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