A good day

23 Aug

(written August 18th)

Things are picking up at school again. When I arrived in July the staff room was full, students roamed the hallways, and things were busy. Over the past two weeks almost everyone has been on vacation. It’s been me and maybe two or three other staff members sitting in the office all day, pretending to be busy.

School starts again on Monday, so finally things are picking up. Teachers are coming back, getting ready for classes, asking me to edit essays or speeches. It’s a good feeling.

Today I worked on my self-introduction lesson, the first thing I’ll do in all of my classes. One of my favorite co-teachers asked me to edit two drafts of a speech for one of his students who is entering a speech competition. And I revised a worksheet I created for another teacher, a simple “what do you like?” kind of interview sheet.

It ain’t much, and I hope to get more work in future. But it’s enough to make today a good day.


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