14 Jun

The last time I checked in, a month ago, I’d just found out my prefecture: Fukuoka. Since then, I’ve learned… nothing.

This has been, by far, the hardest part yet of the whole JET process. I sent in my acceptance back in April, and since then I’ve been salivating for new information. I had already read the General Information Handbook by the time CLAIR sent it to me, so that was nothing new. I’ve scoured all the forums for advice, links, videos, stories. I’ve pretty much sucked everything dry.

And I’m left realizing that I still don’t know all of the most important things. What city will I live in? Where will I teach? Will I have a predecessor? Will I have an apartment when I arrive? Will I be placed in a city, or in a small country town?

Everything about my living situation is an unknown. I know nothing of what my life will be like in six weeks. I’ve read everything about JET I could find, but none of it applies to me because Every Situation Is Different.

So I wait. I wait to hear from my contracting organization, or from my predecessor, if I haven one. I check my email every day and hold my breath as the page loads, praying I’ll see a new email from JET. I try to remind myself that this is a good thing, that this uncertainty and wish for spontaneity is exactly why I chose JET. Because my life seemed so cut-and-dry, because there were no bends in the road ahead of me, and I needed one. This is what you wanted, Tara.

But I’m still waiting.


One Response to “Waiting”

  1. tokyo5 June 19, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    So you’re going to come to Japan? For how long?

    I came to Tokyo in 1990…and have lived here since.

    You’re going to teach English in Japanese JHS and SHS? My daughters are that age.

    Please visit my blog:

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