18 May

I’m putting in this brief entry for the sake of future JETs who are wondering how much money they’ll need. In short: about $4,000. At least, that’s how much I’ve budgeted. Here’s why:

–  $2,000 living expenses for the first month—you’ll be without income, as you don’t get paid until you actually start working, and then you only get paid monthly; your first paycheck comes end of August

–  $1,000 expenses preparing to go: this includes $250 worth of clothes; $300 language course; $100 fees for things like doctor’s visits, fingerprinting, passport photos, etc; suitcases, omiyage, plug adapters, stocking up on deodorant and pads and other things recommended by other JETs.

–  $1,000 possible expenses in Japan: this is a guesstimate, but includes shipping luggage from Narita airport to Fukuoka (mandatory), food and fun while in Tokyo, buying a cell phone, setting up internet and utilities, a bike, a winter coat, etc.

So, yeah, it’ll cost a lot.


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